Martha A – A Personality Profile For Women

Despite her rocky past, Martha is a ray of sunshine. She is a people person to her core and has a lot of social intelligence and a good understanding of others’ feelings. She can be a little over-the-top at times and her ‘toxic positivity’ may not always be welcome, but she is genuinely caring and loving and people usually feel that she understands them and what they need.

She likes to keep a full schedule and is energetic and life-driven with a love of adrenaline. She is involved in local sports teams, social rollerskating circles and dance groups. She also does charity work and is a staunch advocate for improving the accessibility and quality of rural healthcare.

Martha has a lot of empathy for others and is not afraid to get her hands dirty to help them out. However, she does not necessarily always see the bigger picture or think things through so she can find herself in a bit of trouble when she does not take care to consider long-term consequences.

Her relationship with Michael is solid and she recognises his needs well enough to not make a federal case about him neglecting her when he has a job interview or is busy at work. He is equally as sure of himself and they both recognize that a family comes first so neither of them makes unrealistic demands or feels they are being treated unfairly.

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