Which Lottery Game is Played Tonight?

Playing Powerball, Mega Millions or another major lottery game can make it challenging to know which lottery numbers will come out on top, but understanding which lottery has the best odds can help make an informed decision.

Kenneth Alexander from USC mathematics professor acknowledges there’s no foolproof way of knowing which lottery ticket will win; however, he offers several tips on how to increase your odds. One is choosing less popular numbers to decrease the risk of sharing any jackpot winnings if one comes your way.

Examine how often winning numbers have appeared during a given timeframe. Numbers that have appeared for twelve or fewer games comprise three-quarters of all winning combinations; our intuition tells us that anything not happening soon should show itself again.

Not only should you utilize historical data, but it’s important to play your state lottery website to gain more insights into the odds of winning. New Hampshire Lottery provides an “Lucky Numbers” lookup feature which allows users to check if any of their lucky numbers have ever been winners in the past. Checking the “Big Winners” page, which compiles recent jackpots and payouts of major lottery games, can help you choose your lottery game of choice for tonight. Knowing the odds can also help when spending $2 to play; just make sure your financial situation is in order before investing any of that money in lottery tickets; when purchasing tickets it’s wisest to buy only from safe options.

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