Is Online Gambling Legal in Missouri?

Missouri offers its residents numerous gambling options when it comes to entertainment gambling, from regulated casinos and horse racing to state-sanctioned lottery and more. Online gambling has also grown tremendously and can offer the thrill of real money betting without breaking any laws – yet, remembering to treat gambling purely as entertainment is important!

Missouri lawmakers are set to legalize sports betting despite some opposition in 2024, following in the footsteps of neighboring states that already offer it. With that said, legislators are eager to bring sports betting to Missouri as it has proven beneficial to its economy; unfortunately however, Missouri’s current laws may prevent this.

Missouri lawmakers have been reluctant to allow sports betting without video gaming terminals present – machines often found at truck stops and other non-casinos that allow video gambling – because that would lead to a loss in revenue for their state. Luckily, legislators such as Denny Hoskins have introduced legislation designed to address this problem.

Missourians also have access to various apps that will allow them to place bets on sporting events, including Action Network. This app offers expert picks, live odds and bet tracking capabilities – it’s free download and suitable for anyone over 18. It can also provide those looking to place their bets with real money an alternative betting method.

Another alternative to gambling is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Although not considered gambling per se, success in DFS requires skill and knowledge – those interested should ensure their platform complies with international regulations for this form of entertainment.

Although many state legislators oppose Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), its popularity in other states has proven overwhelming – even helping professional athletes earn an income! Missouri sets an age minimum for participants at 18, so players must abide by all relevant laws when engaging in such games.

Missouri provides residents with many legal gambling options, from riverboat casinos and a state lottery to charitable games, bingo and daily fantasy sports. While Missourians cannot identify themselves as professional gamblers, anyone earning more than 20% of their income through gambling should be mindful of the risk involved.

Missouri allows regulated sites that offer safe and secure gambling environments. These websites use SSL encryption to protect your information while verifying they’re legitimate businesses, customer support teams to answer any inquiries that arise and reputable websites that display their license and compliance status as an easy way of confirming if a website is legitimate.

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