When Does Game 443 For Ohio Lottery End?

when does game 443 forohio lottery end

Ohio Lottery Game 443 ends when? Its 3770:1-9-955 The Ohio Lottery Commission game rule and “Group Rules” were last amended by MUSL on June 15, 2016. The director’s decision regarding Powerball will be final and binding for all purchasers, claimants, and claimant payments within Ohio; including prize payouts, interpretation of Ohio Lottery Commission rules interpretation and the determination of winning numbers for both Powerball and Lucky for Life without reference to laws or rules of any other state.

The cash Grand/Jackpot Prize shall be the discounted present cash value of the Grand/Jackpot Prize paid out as a lump sum, less any applicable federal income taxes and state taxes withheld, as required by law. The annuitized option prize shall consist of an estimated annual installment payment stream over thirty years of an annuity Grand/Jackpot Prize invested by Ohio Lottery Commission with respect to funding it, using applicable actuarial assumptions approved by directors or their designees; discontinuations drawings at will may transfer existing funds over into another statewide joint lottery game with agreed upon grand prizes by party lotteries involved.

In their sole discretion, the directors may forbid purchase of tickets for “Lucky for Life” by persons prohibited by local laws from playing similar lotteries and shall lay out procedures in such an instance. Should such occur, any existing funds in “Lucky for Life’s grand/jackpot prize pool will be transferred into another statewide joint lottery game that offers similar grand/jackpot prize pools agreed to between all party lotteries.

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