Ronnie Lott – Did He Cut Off His Finger During a Game?

did ronnie lott cut off his finger during a game

Football players are known for enduring rigorous workouts and doing incredible feats on the field, inspiring fans to recall one such incident involving an Arizona Cardinals player that brought back memories of another San Francisco 49ers defender doing something similar: Rashad Johnson from Arizona Cardinals lost part of his pinky finger during a bizarre game injury reminiscent of Ronnie Lott from San Francisco 49ers having surgery rather than having part cut off during game play in order to return to play sooner. This incident made many 49ers fans reflect back upon Lott’s decision rather than have part cut off during game play rather than missing time next season due to surgery: Rashad Johnson lost part of his pinky finger in bizarre game action brought back memories for 49ers fans when Ronnie Lott decided instead to have part cut off during game rather than go back through recovery process by electing for surgery or any lengthy recovery process and return later next season instead of playing matches due to playing injury sustained from game injury, similar decision as Lott had instead chosen surgery with consequent absence from game time!

Lott has made his controversial decision 35 years ago, yet the debate around it still rages on today. Recently, Lott, other hall-of-famers such as Marcus Allen and Charles Haley gathered for a roundtable discussion on NFL Network’s RedZone about whether he should have chosen the longer recovery process instead of missing an entire season.

Lott first sustained his finger injury tackling Dallas Cowboys running back Timmy Newsome during a Wild Card playoff game and doctors offered two options for treating it: either insert a pin and wait eight weeks, or amputate from its first joint up. Lott chose amputating, becoming one of the premier quarterback and receiver defenders throughout his 14 season NFL career, posting 8.5 sacks, 63 interceptions and 17 fumble recoveries while terrorizing quarterbacks and receivers for 14 seasons straight – not one of which featured any medical intervention whatsoever!

Lott was known for his extraordinary reading and blitzing ability, leading all safeties in interceptions and pick-sixes five times during his career. A superb open field tackler, Lott was considered one of the toughest defenders in the league. Furthermore, he played alongside one of NFL’s greatest quarterbacks Joe Montana to help form one of its dynasties which still exists today: 49ers Dynasty.

After retiring from the NFL, Lott established himself as an accomplished businessman. He currently resides in Cupertino, California with his wife Karen and children, owning various car dealerships under Lott Automotive while engaging in investments, consulting work and providing investments services. Ronnie Lott also earned himself an award named after him – The Ronnie Lott IMPACT Trophy which honors defensive player of the year award while giving back money to charities.

Lott has dedicated himself to charitable work for more than two decades, serving on the Special Olympics Board for over two decades and serving on The Mission Continues Board since 2014. As an active hunter and fisherman himself, as well as being an avid golfer and dog lover – his wife owns four rescue pups; together they also proudly have two granddaughters! In his free time he enjoys hunting and fishing with family as well as golfing, hunting and fishing with family as well as golfing and golfing as hobbies in his free time! In his free time Lott enjoys hunting and fishing with family as well as playing golf and hunting and fishing with them during his free time! In his free time Lott can also enjoys hunting/fishing with them during summers where possible and serves on The Mission Continues Board of Directors; in his free time enjoys hunting/fishing with family; golfer; also an avid dog lover (three of which are rescues!) He and wife share four dogs altogether (three rescues!) while they are proud grandparents to two granddaughters!

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